At Outside Insights, we believe that all marketing goodness comes from one simple philosophy. Creating the right message for the right audience. 

It’s a simple statement, but in theory its one of the most difficult things for a small business to do – effectively understand and know who their very specific target audience is and create the right message for them in order to get them to become a loyal customer.

Outside Insights Consulting owner Maris Ehlers grew up in the world of consumer packaged goods marketing, and it was an amazing education. She spent fifteen years there before deciding to embark on a new journey, that of small business ownership.

Now, several years later, she’s found the balance between art (photography) and craft (marketing strategy) that is the perfect fit for her and her family.

She works with small businesses to create their marketing strategy, and develops a solid plan for them to implement. The time together can end there, or if your business is like so many others – strapped for resources to actually get the work done, Outside Insights can help with that, too. We offer monthly plans that cover strategic content development, social media management, marketing execution and yes, even professional photography and videography services.

Contact us today for a marketing strategy consultation that help you bridge the gap between what your business offers and what your audience wants.




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